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Author:  Gremlette
October 20, 2008



Ok, this bug took me about 5 minutes to figure out myself, but I was probaby just lucky and in the right mood. I thought it may be worth posting however short and sweet so at least one solution is direct to the point.
When even this page on W3C missed a vital end tag (first ever seen – these guys are my bible), I thought it be a good thing just to have another post out there to clarify the correct syntax. (When I get a dog it is going to be called ‘syntax’ as it seems to be what we do most lately!) 

How to validate < noscript > tags in XHTML STRICT

No, you do not need <object> tags 

And what is all this about being child of a <p> tag?

I have seen a few things like mismatched and messed up nested tags to get around this.

Maybe it is just a problem with html within VBScript and the like that drags up even more validation issues. So many have blogged about that, that the regular XHTML and CSS straight strict solutions just got buried.


Straight up solution to try :

<script> the script</script>
Alternate Content

Thats IT.
Just put <p> enclosing the alternate code content inside noscripts </p>

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