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Author:  Hollow
June 20, 2010



Well it’s been a few years now since we did much with this site, we left the blog in tact for reference and historical purposes, but in general, Symsys as a business has been closed for at least a couple of years now. We continue to host a few websites for people still and we make the odd blog post now and again, but for the most part, Symsys is now defunct. We are no longer a limited company in New Zealand, because we are in fact, no longer in New Zealand.

The main website is being taken out of commission very soon, the blog has been upgraded to the latest version of word press, as you can see there are a couple of little bugs in our template from the upgrade, they will be fixed in due course, the colour scheme and things may change slightly too, but in general, the blog will remain. www.symsysit.com will now re-direct to symsysit.com and so forth.

Projects like SBend will continue to move forward and be developed, however they will not be done under Symsys, instead, they will be developed under our new brand, which as yet, is to be decided, but will be based here in the UK.

Keep your eye on the blog for further information of where Symsys is headed, how things are going to change and how you can take advantage of the great offers that our new company will be making.

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