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Author:  Hollow
June 20, 2010



After not making any posts for quite some time, I suppose I should start again. The first being about two different things, combined together. Lucid Lynx Ubuntu, with the Elementary-Desktop installed.

I’m a rather avid reader of www.linux-mag.com and as such, I was reading it yesterday morning before heading out of the house. What I was reading, was a post by a certain Christopher Smart. He was talking about how the Elementary Desktop was very good, has made vast improvements on not just Gnome, but applications inside Gnome like Nautilus to name just one.

I decided I would try to install this new desktop and see what all the fuss was about. Mr Smart had mentioned that the whole project started by trying to modify Linux, to look like OSX, so I wasn’t too convinced that I would enjoy the desktop. After all, I’m not OSX’s biggest fan by a long shoot. Yeah the dock is clever, but the rest of the OSX, from a Unix point of view, a power user point of view and a customizability point of view, it’s crap! The good parts about OSX though, are it’s looks.

Elementary is by far the biggest enhancement I’ve seen to any of the major desktops in the last 12 months. Sure KDE4 has grown and grown and gotten more and more usable, gnome has become a little friendlier, both to the eye and to the user, but Elementary has taken Gnome to another level. Simply put, Elementary is what Gnome should have been under it’s own steam. The fonts are incredibly clear, the colour scheme is not only conservative, but it’s attractive as well. Compiz works perfectly with it, to make the Elementary Desktop very similar indeed to OSX in looks, but thankfully not too much so in behavioural qualities. Docky gets installed when installing the Elementary Desktop, which is actually rather cool. I’ve tried a few different docks over the years, just to see if anyone other than Apple could get it working, or not, and up to now, no one really had, not without a great amount of effort at least, which is something that most users do not wish to actually do.

In probably the shortest and simplest summary of a post I’ve ever done, I am going to say, that this desktop, is fantastic, go download and install it!

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