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October 23, 2008



Symsys Fleet Car Livery - Front/Side

Symsys Fleet Car Livery - Front/Side

In line with Symsys’ continually bright and cheerful identity, our vehicles are very distinctive.

If you see one of us driving around I think that you would find us extremely hard to miss. Of course, once you are driving something like this, the days of any ‘fun’ in the car goes, ;) but the pride we have in the design and the company we run is reward enough.

The car shown in the images, already stood out but we thought we would go the ‘whole hog’ just like we love to do for our customers.

Symsys Vehicle Livery - Rear/Side

Symsys Vehicle Livery - Rear/Side

All the design work, mock up vehicle images etc. were done in-house by Symsys, using very high quality digital images along with some intricate vector graphics.

If you are looking for design for Corporate identity, Graphic Design or advertising in any format, or for any purpose, then contact Symsys on 09 813 0043. Find out more about us via our main website www.symsysit.com. We are based in West Auckland NZ but also very accustomed to working remotely on projects to serve you wherever you are.

Hopefully you should see us driving around Auckland and the surrounding areas and like the title of the post says, their’s no mistaking us and hopefully there’s no missing us either.

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