HostGator vs. iPage

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Who is the king of website hosting in a HostGator vs. iPage comparison? Well, read on to find out. The two companies have been in existence in the field of web hosting for over ten years, and webmasters have doubts about which web hosting services to use. Now, in this review, we are going to look at HostGator vs. iPage review to help you decide which service is premium.


We are going to see outstanding features, the pricing, uptime, customer support and page load time as the criteria to distinguish which hosting company is the best. To maintain the reputation of a website to both current and prospective visitors, a webmaster must provide the best performance. HostGator has heavily invested in technology that ensures top quality hosting services to their millions of hosted domains.HostGator vs. iPage uptime report
In web hosting, you are required to look at speed first. It is the ultimate test for selecting the best host. As a webmaster, you are interested in improving the user experience. The higher the speed, the happier the user will be. In a head-to-head comparison, HostGator loads up to around 100% faster compared to iPage. If HostGator takes a second to load, iPage takes close to two seconds to load. A tool used to test the speed of website shows that HostGator beats up to 90% of all website hosting companies.

hostGator vs. iPage server response time
Use of a server response test shows that the response time for websites hosted by HostGator is exceptional as compared to response time for websites hosted by iPage. The websites hosted by HostGator are faster compared to those hosted by iPage. On average, HostGator takes 1.8 seconds while iPage takes 2.4seconds. On-page optimization can be used to improve the response time for websites hosted by both hosts. HostGator vs. iPage pricing
HostGator has divided its services into three plans namely the hatching plan, the business plan and the baby plan. The hatching plan is basic and offers one domain. The baby plan and business plan can host more than one domain. However, all the three plans offer unlimited bandwidth and emails. The business plan has an additional toll-free number unlike the other two. You will also have a 45-day money back feature for all the three HostGator plans. The hatching plan starts at $3.96 per month; the baby plan starts at $6.36 per month, and the business plan starts at $10.36 per month.

iPage on the other side offers only one plan known as the essential plan. It has close to all unlimited features required by a webmaster. It starts at $2.25 per month, which is very convenient during initial stages. However, it renews at $112 per year, which is more expensive compared to the $82.22 charged by HostGator.HostGator vs iPage customer support Customer support is a must-have feature for all web-hosting companies. HostGator offers a 24/7 friendly customer support. The customer support response is very fast and provides exact time estimates before a representative is available to serve a customer. Well, iPage customer support is pretty good. They offer 24/7 support but lack the aspect of an exact period for the next available representative. Their live chat ends up taking up to 15 minutes for a response to pop up for initial queries. Well, the two web hosting services are a good choice for webmasters who want results with their websites. However, a 5-star rating will go for HostGator due to its outstanding features over iPage as seen in the comparison above.